Address Intelligence

An essential tool for enhancing on-time delivery rates is Address Intelligence.
It enables the optimization of zoning and routing algorithms and facilitates precise ETA predictions

What is Address Intelligence?

Address Intelligence focuses on ensuring address accuracy, crucial for delivering packages correctly and on time. This tool is essential for guaranteeing successful deliveries, setting it apart in the delivery sector.

Unlike broader Location Intelligence, which covers various factors like traffic, weather and demography, Address Intelligence specifically targets address precision. This focus significantly increases delivery success rates, enhancing customer satisfaction and strengthening your business’s reputation.

Additionally, Address Intelligence is essential for maximizing the effectiveness of route optimization software. Without clean, relevant, and accurate address data, even the most advanced routing tools can’t deliver the best routes.

This not only saves time and cuts costs but also enhances the accuracy of estimated time of arrival (ETA) predictions. As a result, customers receive more reliable delivery windows, minimizing their waiting time and boosting overall satisfaction

In short, Address Intelligence is a vital asset for any delivery service. It ensures accurate deliveries, streamlines routes, and improves customer communication, enhancing the overall effectiveness and customer satisfaction of your delivery operations

Components of Address Intelligence


Address normalization ensures precision and standardization in addresses for last mile delivery.

Our process, grounded in extensive data analysis, includes input preparation with global and local rules, component parsing aided by machine learning and custom rules, and a crucial validation step to verify component relevance.

This comprehensive approach, culminating in similarity matching, guarantees the most accurate address data for successful deliveries.

Advanced Geocoding

At the core of our geocoding process is the utilization of multiple geocoders fallback. This strategy enhances accuracy by aggregating and cross-referencing data from various sources.

By integrating multiple geocoders, we can compare and contrast different geocoding results, leading to a more comprehensive and reliable outcome.

This not only increases the chances of finding the most accurate geographical coordinates but also provides redundancy in cases where one geocoder might have outdated or incomplete data. This method also helps in reconciling discrepancies between different geocoding services, ensuring a higher level of reliability and accuracy.

Relevance Validation

Relevance Validation filters multiple geocoding results from different geocoders to find the most accurate match for an address.

This process assesses spatial relevance and data completeness, ensuring the selected result aligns closely with the input and normalized address.

This step is vital for precision in applications like last-mile delivery, enhancing accuracy and customer satisfaction.


Caching in Address Intelligence strategically stores and reuses previously normalized addresses and geocoding results.

This streamlines operations by avoiding redundant data processing and also significantly reduces response times for future queries.

Implementing caching results in substantial cost and time savings, as it minimizes the need for repeated geocoding requests.

Our caching process is carefully designed to comply with the terms of service of all geocoders, ensuring both legal compliance and ethical use of data.

Feedback Loops

When drivers are out delivering packages, they see things that can help make address details better, like fixing where a place really is or adding useful tips about where to leave packages or where to park.

This kind of information is super valuable. It helps make deliveries smoother and keeps customers happy.

Companies must keep this data to themselves because it helps them figure out the best ways to deliver in different places to do a better job and stand out from competitors.


AddressHub is designed as a set of APIs for seamless integration with your current systems, ensuring a smooth transition without major disruptions.

No, AddressHub is user-friendly and doesn’t require specific training for drivers. It simplifies the delivery process without adding complexity.

AddressHub optimizes routing, reduces delivery times, and minimizes failed deliveries, resulting in cost savings related to fuel, labor, and vehicle maintenance.

Yes, AddressHub prioritizes data security and ensures compliance with data privacy regulations, safeguarding your customer data.

Yes, AddressHub’s address normalization and geocoding accuracy reduce failed deliveries, leading to higher delivery success rates and customer satisfaction.

AddressHub is an on-premise solution, meaning all data remains within your company’s secure environment, with no sharing with third-party services, ensuring data security.

Our team provides comprehensive support during the integration process, including technical assistance and guidance to ensure a successful implementation.

AddressHub can be tailored to some of your specific requirements, addressing the unique challenges of your delivery operations.

The timeline for improvements may vary but immediate benefits such as optimized routes and reduced delivery times are possible.

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