At AddressHub, we take pride in crafting a robust and accurate address intelligence API, designed to streamline Last Mile delivery processes.

While we’ve invested considerable effort into developing proprietary technologies, our success also hinges on the incredible open data and open-source software communities.

We firmly believe in giving credit where it’s due. Thus, this space is dedicated to acknowledging and thanking the various open data sources and open-source projects that have played pivotal roles in enhancing our services.

Our commitment to innovation is matched by our gratitude towards these communities, as they have enabled us to deliver unparalleled value to our customers.

Below is a list of the open data and software contributions that help power AddressHub, alongside our own in-house developments.

Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors. The map data utilized by AddressHub from OpenStreetMap is available under the  Open Database License (ODbL).

OpenAddresses, a collaborative project aimed at compiling a global collection of address data. OpenAddresses’ commitment to providing freely available and openly licensed data aligns with our mission to deliver comprehensive and precise address information.

We incorporate data from GeoNames, a geographical database that provides us with detailed geographical information essential for our services. We express our appreciation to GeoNames and its community for compiling and making available such a comprehensive resource.

Libpostal, a powerful open-source C library for parsing and normalizing street addresses worldwide using statistical NLP and open data.

We are grateful to the contributors of libpostal for developing this essential tool.

We acknowledge the use of PostgreSQL under the PostgreSQL License, a liberal open-source license. We thank the PostgreSQL Global Development Group and the broader community for their ongoing contributions to this indispensable database technology.

Our thanks go to the PostGIS project and its contributors for developing and maintaining this powerful spatial database extension, enabling us to enhance the geospatial processing capabilities of AddressHub

We use osm2pgsql for importing OpenStreetMap data into our PostgreSQL database. Our sincere thanks to the osm2pgsql project and its contributors for their efforts in developing this essential tool for working with OpenStreetMap data